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‘Paul Morgan’ is a pen-name used by me and my husband, Nigel Perryman.

Safe self-help measures for treating a wide range of modern allergies. Illustrated and packed with good advice, this book will be essential reading for millions of people in this country who have to live with an allergy. It shows allergy sufferers that there are natural ways to reduce the risk of triggering an allergic response as well as self-help methods of controlling symptoms.

Hardcover: 128pp, 23.6 x 17.4cm

Uk: Parragon

Natural Remedies for Allergies



Glycaemic index

High Fibre

Healthy Heart

Cancer Prevention

Low Carb

Paperback: 128 pages, 27.6 x 21.4cm

UK: Quantum Publishing

Healthy Cooking Cookbooks

Self-help measures for treating the symptoms of hayfever naturally.

Hardcover: 128pp, 23.6 x 17.4cm

Uk: Parragon

Alternative Remedies for Hayfever

If you’ve mislaid your get-up-and-go, this collection of 101 simple de-stress tips will help you invigorate your life and rediscover the energy you always knew you had.

take a power nap and restore afternoon energy levels

feng shui your house for harmonious surroundings

unzip a potassium-rich banana to maximise dynamism and reduce stress

These easy-to-follow tips and exercises
put the focus back on you.

Hardcover: 112 pages, 16 x 16cm

UK: MQ Publications Ltd

Va Va Voom De-Stress

Modern life is exhausting. We all need help to calm down, relax and chill out. Immersing your feet into lavender-scented water after a hard day, giving yourself a head massage to release tension or sipping a hot chocolate before bedtime, whatever takes your fancy, this book will help you to feel cool as a cucumber!

Hardcover: 112 pages, 13.2 x 13cm

UK: MQ Publications Ltd

Translation editions: Norway, Spain, Sweden

Chill Out: 100 Tips to Relax

Your brain never sleeps – even when you do! But you won’t be able to think productively if your brain is below par. Five Minute Brain Boosters will help you improve your mental ability and increase your effectiveness at work and at play. Try the simple, fun, brain-boosting techniques and you’ll soon be firing on all cylinders.

learn how to strengthen the connections between your brain cells

improve your memory with brain-boosting techniques

brain-boosting exercises to help specific problems

comes with dice, oil and balls to help with the exercises.

Paperback: 32 pages, 12.1 x 10.9 x 4.2 cm

UK: Design Eye Publishing

US: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Five-Minute Brain Boosters: Fun Techniques to Maximize Your Mind Power

Answers all the questions you might have when someone you love suffers from this condition. Use this book as an important reference guide for all the information you need to know about helping your loved one recover and lead a healthy, happy life. (For contractual reasons, the main author is listed as Dr Rob Buckman; in fact, I wrote the whole book.)

lists the warning signs that signal an

  increased risk of stroke

explains what might happen in the hospital

  and describes what each member of the team


gives positive advice on the practicalities,

  from helping with physiotherapy to taking

  time off for yourself

Paperback: 80pp, 21 x 14cm

UK: Macmillan

US: Lebhar-Friedman Books

Australia, Canada, Indonesia; Translation editions: Greece, Iceland,
Lebanon, Norway, Malaysia, Moldova, Portugal

What you Really Need to Know About Caring for Someone After a Stroke

This book provides information and exercises that will strengthen your back and help to ease and limit back pain. It gives you a home exercise programme, for people of all ages, that uses techniques from a range of activities, including yoga, Pilates and body-conditioning. Step-by-step photographs and concise captions ensure that exercises can be performed easily and correctly. Written by an authority in the field and specially designed for ease of use, it’s a one-stop guide to a stronger,
problem-free back.

Spiral-bound: 96 pages, 27.2 x 19.6cm

UK: Carroll & Brown Publishers Limited

US: Harper Collins

Australia; translations: Denmark, Finland,
France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea,
Norway, Sweden, Spain

Exercise for a Strong Back


These pages are primarily intended for publishers, but if you’re an existing physio client or are thinking of making an appointment then please have a look at the books that I’ve written - The blurbs are the publishers’, not mine. And if you’re inspired to buy one, you can just click on the link.

A must-have family reference packed with proven, practical approaches to caring for your back throughout your life.

With a full anatomy of the spine and back, a breakdown of different types of pain, when to see a doctor and an at-a-glance diagnostic back-pain flow chart, The Back Bible offers a rundown of all the major problems that can affect your back, neck and shoulders.

 Conventional medical care, from diagnosis, physiotherapy, drug treatments and surgery, is covered in detail, and there is a directory of complementary therapies and back-care specialist treatments. There are dozens of self-help and preventive measures, too, including a general back care exercise routine, exercises to help specific problems, ways of improving posture in all areas of activity – even while asleep – and advice on managing back pain. Complete, detailed and authoritative, this book could help change your physical well-being – and so change your life.

The Back Bible

US: Reader’s Digest Books

(NB If you are reading this in Britain and want to buy the book, please be sure that you buy the UK – Bloomsbury – edition, because the US and UK versions are very different, in terms of nomenclature and healthcare practice; the two covers, with the US one based on black, are shown here. Some web sites show the authors as being Marilyn Duckworth and others, though my name is still on the cover – this is the result of an error in the publisher’s systems that is meant to be being corrected).

Paperback: 224pp, 21 x 14cm

UK: Bloomsbury; publication date:14th February, 2013

Helps you diagnose your problem and take remedial action, and shows you how to take precautionary measures to prevent problems arising.

  • Differentiates types of back pain and lists common symptoms to facilitate diagnosis and effective treatment
  • Offers guidance on how to prevent back problems, and if you do suffer, advice on pain relief and prevention of future problems
  • Stresses the importance of regular exercise and mobility to ensure back problems are kept to a minimum
  • Explains the different approaches, both complementary and conventional, used by practitioners to treat back problems.

Spiral-bound: 112 pages, 21.3 x 15.5cm

UK/US: Time Life

Australia, Canada; Translation
editions: Argentina, Estonia,
France, Germany, Holland,
Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Italy,
Lebanon, Lithuania, Norway,
Poland, Portugal, Russia,
Slovenia, Spain, Sweden,

Solving Back Problems

Providing an account of the evolution of medicine, this book shows how the high-tech investigations and treatments of today grew out of the first fumblings for knowledge of the witch doctors and shamans of pre-history. Throughout, there are boxed stories on the great characters and incidents of the past, and feature spreads on turning points in medical approaches to disease. Finally, a collection of essays on medicine's future direction and development, divided into specialties written by leading experts, provides food for thought. A History of Medicine is
recommended reading as a text book for
many university courses.

Hardcover: 256 pages, 30 x 23.4cm

UK: Simon & Schuster

US: Barnes & Noble

Australia, Canada; Translation
editions: Brazil, Denmark, Germany,
Hungary, Poland, Spain

A History of Medicine

For centuries, it has been believed that bonding between parent and child is as ingrained and straightforward as making an apple pie. But bonding isn’t always as easy as some believe. Today, mainly because of the decline of the extended family and the general need, in the hustle and bustle of the 1990s, for both parents to work, we've lost those skills. In clear simple language, author Dr Jenny Sutcliffe pulls together the most up-to-date scientific research and the wisdom both

of generations of Western parents and of

contemporary traditional cultures to give

down-to-earth, informed advice about the

theory and practice of baby bonding:

from pregnancy to the first day at

school, whether as a traditional family

unit or as a single parent.

Hardcover: 144 pages, 24.6 x 19.8cm

UK/US: Virgin Books

Australia, Canada; Translation editions: France, Holland,


Baby Bonding

This book not only provides a comprehensive directory of all the major relaxation therapies, which help aid and promote a healthy lifestyle, but it also explains how to select the therapies that are appropriate not just for the symptoms from which you are suffering , but ones that suit the way you live and the time you have available to put them into practice. Illustrated throughout with step-by-step photographs, symptom flowcharts and at-a-glance reference checklists, the text is clear, authoritative yet sympathetic.

Hardcover: 160 pages, 24.6 x 19.8cm

UK: Headline Book Publishing

US: People’s Medical Society

Australia; translations: Finland,


The Complete Book of Relaxation Techniques

I like doing publicity, have a lot of experience at it and think I’m good. I’ve appeared on the Richard and Judy Show and
Sky Living, I was Anna Raeburn’s sidekick (and occasional stand-in) on Talk Radio for several years and I’ve written tie-in articles for
The Daily Mail, The Daily Express and various women’s magazines. I’ve also been interviewed numerous times
about my various books on the majority of the BBC local radio stations and done author signing sessions. (I know a large number of overseas publishers, too, as a result of working as Rights Manager for a packager.)

I’ve lectured many times on the subject of my books, as well – once, memorably, to the then Manic
Depressive Association (now called ‘The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance’ [DBSA]) alongside Spike
Milligan. Today I live in rural Wales, with some chickens, a cockerel, two Welsh Springer Spaniels



and, oh yes, a husband.

I’m represented by Jane Graham-Maw of Graham Maw Christie.

Call 0207 609 1326 or look at



All the books on these pages were produced as editorial packages by Aberyscir Editions, which is a partnership between Nigel Perryman and I. (The two exceptions are Baby Bonding and A History of Medicine, for which we delivered full editorial, art and repro packages.) Nigel has been in non-fiction publishing for some 40 years, in companies such as Reader’s Digest books and the packagers The Paul Press and Morgan Samuel Editions, both of which he founded. Today he is an editor, author and ghostwriter. All this means that we can plan a book and then either write to layouts or cut and fill after text has been laid out; we can also supply picture and artwork references and advise at picture shoots. So a publisher’s editorial involvement need only be supervisory rather than heavily participatory.

US: Harper Collins

Australia; translations: Denmark,
Finland France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Norway, Sweden, Spain

Reader’s Digest Body Maintenance Manual

This unique health manual provides practical, authoritative guidance on body maintenance and repair. By examining the anatomy of the body, learn to recognise and avoid a range of common complaints: from cramped muscles and bad posture to tension headaches and RSI. Discover how to treat these problems with step-by-step remedial exercises, and create your own 10-minute daily programme to exercise important joints and muscle groups, maximising suppleness and flexibility and reducing risk of injury – so you can safely live life to the full.

Hardcover: 144 pages, 24.8 x 19.8cm

UK/US: Reader's Digest

Translation editions: Afrikaans,
Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Poland

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