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About Me

Detailed CVs are very boring, but if you’d like to have a look: click here for my detailed physiotherapy CV; and click here for my detailed publishing CV.

I went to school at Wycombe Abbey, Buckinghamshire, before studying philosophy at the Sorbonne, Paris; I left France after the student riots, but I’m still a ‘soixante-huitard’. After obtaining my degree, I returned home and read medicine at The Middlesex Hospital, London, and Salpêtrière Hospital, Paris, as well as studying physiotherapy at The Middlesex; I also studied the Bobath Technique, which concerns physio treatment of neurological and developmental problems and strokes, at Chaux-de-Fonds Hospital, in Switzerland.
     I worked as a doctor for the first part of my medical career, before five children intervened (later I acquired a stepson as well), which meant that I concentrated on physio work and medical lecturing (as a Senior Lecturer at The National Hospital for Nervous Diseases). In 1987, I started a publishing career, while still doing private physio work, and as well as writing about 20 books and contributing to many others I worked as Rights Manager for the packager Morgan Samuel Editions. Today I concentrate on my private physiotherapy practice, drawing on some 35 years of experience, and on writing.
     I should make it clear, though, that I haven’t practised medicine for more than 30 years, that my knowledge is very far from being up-to-date and that I’ve forgotten an awful lot of what I once knew. In short, it would be dangerous for me to offer my patients the advice that a doctor would give – that should come from their GPs or consultants – and I don’t do it. However, if you’re a publisher, rest assured that I’m very good at doing all the research and coming up with up-to-the-minute copy.

I work under my maiden name of ‘Jenny Sutcliffe’, which is the one under which I’m registered by The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and The Health Professions Council; I also use this name for my books. But I’m also known by my married name of ‘Jenny Perryman’.


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